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Vermont Hiking Trails

Appalachian Trail from Lookout Farm Road to Chateauguay Road (3.6 miles)

A path through the woods

Part of a 25 mile section of the AT that is easily accessible in the Woodstock area (see AT info), the relatively short section from Lookout Farm Road to Chateauguay Road passes a short spur trail that leads to The Lookout. This is a private cabin on property outside of the AT corridor. The owner's permit its use as a viewpoint. Please respect this property.

The Hike: You will pass the junction to the .1 mile spur trail to The Lookout at .8 miles (see map). At mile 2.5, you reach the Lakota Lake Lookout with a view of Lakota Lake and the White Mountains in the distance. You cross gravel Chateauguay Road at 3.6 miles.

Getting There: Access to the trail crossing at Lookout Farm Road is .4 miles east of Greengate Road which can be reached off Route 12, 3.5 miles north of Woodstock via Wayside Road that turns into Greengate Road There is limited parking where Lookout Farm Road interstects with Greengate Road just before Greengate Road turns sharply to the right.

Click "View on Google Maps" for a bigger map and driving directions to a point on Greengate Road about 1,450 feet short of a wide parking area on the left, where Greengate Road turns to the right. Follow the rutted rocky trail uphill into the woods. When you come to an intersection with an old gate leaning to the side, stay to the left.

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