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Vermont Hiking Trails

Mount Peg (2 miles)

View from the summit of Mt Peg In 1895 Dr. Francis Harrington arrived in Woodstock, unpacked his golf clubs, and found to his disappointment that there was not a golf course in town. He headed to the open pastures on the summit of Mount Peg to demonstrate the sport. Nine days later, a course was created on the hill and the Woodstock Country Club was launched. In 1906, the course was moved to the banks of Kedron Brook. In 1908, 10 acres at the top of Mount Peg were sold to Elizabeth Billings, who purchased the land to be used as a public park. In 2002, the Billings Park Commission and Woodstock community raised funds to add 44 acres to Mount Peg Park and permanently connect its trails and vistas to the village center and the Woodstock Trails Partnership network.

The Hike: Take the Summit Trail uphill, (see map) starting with a moderate climb through old growth white and red pine forest that becomes gentler as you make your way up to a grassy overlook. Take a slightly different way down by taking the Red Pine Trail from the summit, then take a left onto the Summit Trail, then another left onto the Spruce Trail, and a final left onto the bottom of the Summit Trail back to the trailhead.

Getting There: From the Woodstock green, take Court Street, next to the courthouse, about a block until it connects with Cross Street. Take a quick jog to the left, and then almost immediately to the right on Golf Ave. One half block further leads to a small parking area on the left and trailhead.

Click "View on Google Maps" for a bigger map and driving directions.

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